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Customer Care

Our customers are a varied and enthusiastic bunch! A mix of first-time gardeners and highly skilled growers all trust us to get them started with our seedlings in the spring. We are thorough in maintaining our organic certification every year, from the seeds we plant to the ingredients in the growing media we use, because we know this standard matters to our customers.

When you shop with us (on-site or at the market) we do our best to answer your gardening questions (and are honest if we don't know the answer). Similarly, we will try to recommend you to other businesses if you are looking for plants/items we do not offer ourselves. We do not have  strict policy around returns/refunds because working with living things involves some complicated variables and we try to be flexible. We do want to know if you encounter an issue with your seedlings, particularly in the immediate week after purchase. This quick communication alerts us to check if something was mismanaged by our team, and also gives you the best chance of troubleshooting if your own plant-care is doing damage. We will assess on a case-by-case basis about how to fairly provide support if you have issues with your seedlings. We rarely hear about issues that we can trace to our greenhouses or growing practices, but often can give advice on plant care (or condolences if a rabbit munched on a few things in your garden).

Safety and Privacy

For information about shopping with us during the covid-19 pandemic, please click here to visit that section of our website. The safety of our customers and our staff is paramount. 

There is zero tolerance for verbal and/or physical abuse or aggression towards our staff & customers. People will be asked to leave our site immediately immediately if demonstrating such behaviour. 

We do not currently offer a mailing list nor do we save any customer information as a business.

When you pay for our products using credit/debit cards through Square (point of sale system), you are sharing information with Square and are encouraged to familiarize yourself with their data collection practices. Trout Lily is not responsible for the policies and practices of Square. As of 2020, the Square website indicates all customer data is encrypted and is never sold to third parties.

Wholesale Inquiries

If you are interested in sourcing our seedlings wholesale for your store/business, please contact us . We are a small-scale grower of certified organic seedlings that delivers to Toronto and Fergus/Guelph wholesale customers weekly in the spring. We recommend that interested new customers contact us well in advance for wholesale inquiries for the best chances of being included in our production plan, such as fall of the year prior. We will do our best to get back to you with useful information. 

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Cash

- Personal Cheque

Wholesale buyers also have the option to pay by e-transfer or automatic-deposit


Trout Lily rents 3 greenhouses located on a rural property and cannot currently offer many of the accessible features we know would best support our community and customers. Some barriers on our site include uneven ground in our outdoors areas, limited shade, and narrow aisles inside the greenhouses. Our staff will be able to offer a chair as well as to assist in shopping (carry the plants, read signage etc.) if helpful and appropriate. We will collect plants from what is available for sale in the case of someone with vision impairment who wishes to shop with us, for example. Please know that we will do our best to offer our services, and that you are welcome to ask for assistance. You can contact us here.

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